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About me...

My name is Ron Gettler, and this is my website.  I live in Hamilton, Ohio with my wife and daughter.  I have been painting cars since 1994 when the first NASCAR Racing game came out.  I race full time in the Midwest Racing League and dabble in a few others like BlazinPedals and Delta Racing.


This site was started in January of 2005, but the history dates back further than that.  Back in 1994, I purchased the first NASCAR Racing game by Papyrus and was immediately hooked on painting cars and racing.  Throughout the next few years N2, N99 and finally N3 was released and that's when I came onto the internet with my paint schemes.  Back then, one of the best sites around was called Country Boy's something or other (I can't remember).  

Anyway, visiting that site daily, I decided to send in a few of my early paint schemes.  All made it onto the site, a few getting the coveted Country Boy Seal of Approval.  After a few months, I got the idea to hold a painting contest which would pit painter's against each other in a friendly competition.  The first contest was won by JimDawg (Jay Westmoreland).  Jay became a good friend of mine and has now  been my teammate for over 7 years.  The site was named 1NTIMID8R'S CAR PAINTING CHALLENGE.

The site grew each month, with more and more people sending their cars in to be judged by the public.  Finally, in November of 2002 I shut the site down.  I had a lot going on in real life and I got a bit burned out.  The site became a job instead of a hobby.  Plagiarism was rampant and it was tough trying to keep everyone happy.

The site was downsized and renamed VIRTUAL MOTORSPORTS, INC.  This site featured only my paint schemes and the VMI race team news.  This site grew with NR02 and NR03 cars until December of 2004.  Over 100 cars were made available on the VMI website.  After a month of retooling the site, in January of 2005 it was re-launched as Fusion Racing Graphics after my new race team name of Team Fusion Racing.

Today, my TFR teammates include:  Jay Westmoreland (of Chattanooga, TN), Brian Bales (of Indianapolis, IN), Bobby Patrick (of Ashville, NC), and Bart Tolleson (of Bethany, OH).

Coincidently, the Ford Fusion was introduced in the middle of 2005.  We are in no way, shape, or form affiliated with Ford, Ford Fusion, etc.  Hell, most of us here drive Chevy's for Christ's sake.  LOL






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