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 The rules posted herein are to be considered preliminary.  The rules are fluid and may change based upon input from the Administrators, league members and others.

Short Track 2006 Series Rules (as of 11-9-06 )

Mission Statement:     To provide an “everyone races” sim-racing league environment which provides high quality, incident free racing among drivers of similar experience and skill levels.

Table of Contents
  1.     Race Directors
  2.     Carsets
  3.     Race Settings
  4.     Chat Rules
  5.     Practice
  6.     Qualifying
  7.     Drivers’ Meeting
  8.     Race
  9.     Starts/Restarts
10. Double File Restarts, and Yellow Flag Protocol
11. Pitting
12. Rough Driving
13. General Rule
14. Protests
15. Rulings
16. Probation
17. Suspension
18. League Banning
19. Points
20. Provisional
21. Substitute Drivers


To race in the Short Track Series (STS) a driver must have a high L/I (laps per incident) rating or come highly recommended from a fellow Short Track Series driver. One doesn’t have to be the fastest driver on the track, just safe, steady and considerate of others. Those that do not consistently meet such expectations may be suspended or removed at the discretion of the league administration.  Drivers with little to no experience are also welcome in certain circumstances.  Newer drivers are encouraged to work with one of the veteran members in the league to build experience.  The league believes in mentoring younger drivers and will gladly appoint a veteran member to help someone if they are struggling.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  We’ve all been there.  Newer drivers may be required to identify themselves with “rookie stripes” on their rear bumpers at the discretion of the League administrators.

Here at STS, we would like to have everybody that starts the race also FINISH the race. We know this is difficult but if everybody races with that attitude it can be achieved.  This is one of the reason we are going to be very selective as to who we allow into the league.  We’ve found with past leagues that drivers are much less apt to wreck someone or race overly aggressively if they know the drivers around them well.  If a driver has been invited to join STS, it is likely because someone already in the league has raced with them before or is well aware of their driving abilities.  Please operate under the assumption that racing with us is a mutual respect situation.  If you don’t respect those you race with, you will be asked to race elsewhere.

We all know that it is difficult to drive in the same fashion as if you were actually inside a real race car. All we ask is that all drivers drive with the utmost courtesy and respect for their fellow league members. We suggest everybody race each other the way they would like to be raced.

Keep in mind that the only REAL communication a driver has with fellow drivers is the placement of his car or truck and autochats. The drivers around them can see them and if a move is telegraphed in advance the drivers around that driver can prepare for and anticipate any moves or evasive action necessary (for example, someone pitting, etc.). Dive bombing or changing lanes abruptly in front of faster cars is not telegraphing or giving enough time for drivers to avoid making contact.  Please don’t do this.

Racing can be tight and fierce but the amount of room given between two side by side cars is directly proportionate to the amount of time drivers have to react to mistakes, warp, etc.  Please allow extra room in front of, behind and beside you where possible to allow for warp, converging racing lines, etc.  Good, close racing can still be achieved, but allow a margin for error and everyone’s race will be more enjoyable.

We all know mistakes will happen, but please drive with consideration and in control at all times to minimize cautions.  Drivers deemed guilty of causing a disproportionate number of cautions will be put on probation, suspended, and then ultimately removed from the league if the incidents continue.

1.  Race Directors:

Several drivers running in each race will also be doing double duty as Race Directors.  These Race Directors are ON-SITE Administrators much like a referee or umpire and will be announced during the drivers’ meeting after qualifying.  They will enforce the rules during the race and control the server.  Once they make a decision it should be considered final and is no longer subject to discussion.  Openly arguing with a Race Director could result in ejection, suspension or removal from the league.  Remember that the Race Directors are fellow racers like yourselves and may not have seen the specific incident in question.  They will make every attempt to address the issue as soon as it arises, however in the event that they can’t or didn’t witness the event, it will be reviewed after the race and a penalty assessed at that point if necessary.  If you have an issue, please address it to a Race Director through a private chat message (under yellow if possible).  DO NOT take it upon yourself to retaliate or further enflame the issue.  

If you are not racing for any reason (i.e. you’ve retired due to damage, missed the start, or can’t run the entire race) but would like to assist the Race Directors, ask them if they need help.  In most cases they will accept the assistance.  You will help watch the race, and give your opinion in relation to on-track incidents when asked.  In most cases you will not have access to control the server, but an extra pair of eyes is almost always helpful in “admining” a race. 

2.  Carsets:

Unlike many leagues, you are free to select whatever sponsor you want for your car, either real or fictitious.  The one requirement is that the sponsor be family friendly (no nudity or profanity is allowed on the car).  We ask that you submit any carfile you plan on running to Ron Gettler at least three days prior to the race to allow the car to be added to the league car file.  The standard carfile naming index will be posted on the board for each specific series.  Please confirm to the posted naming requirements to insure that everyone can see your car during the race.  Please do not run any carfiles that have not been submitted to the league administration for review and league distribution to avoid generic cars showing up in the game.

3.  Race Settings:


Please note that depending on the particular series being run, it could be a fixed or open setup race and the length of the event could vary.  The race parameters for the particular event will be posted well in advance of the actual event on the league forums. 

For example:

CUP – Fixed Setups – 10% Length – No Yellow Flags (to be thrown by admins when necessary) – Double File Restarts –Moderate Damage

The weather conditions will be 70 degrees and clear with no wind unless specified otherwise.

For all Fixed setups, we use the PWF Expert setups.  The STS Administration reserves the right to change the fixed setup due to the unsuitability, but will only do so with at least two days notice to the league.

The ONLY adjustment allowed to the fixed setup is the wheel lock.  When you pit, no adjustments are permitted. Only add fuel and change tires. Anyone caught changing anything else or using any sort of hacks or cheats will be automatically expelled from the league.

We race within the same rules as dictated by NASCAR with only a few exceptions.  In the event that the game can not automatically apply current rules (racing back to the yellow, etc.) it is the driver’s responsibility to comply with the rules.  Any “ignoring” of your responsibility could result in penalties handed down by either the Race Director or STS Administration.

Race practice will end at the designated time; if you can’t make it on time, you don’t get in to the first heat race. Due to problems in other leagues, and the fact we have a long night of racing (two heats and a main), this rule is final. If you don’t make it, you will receive a DNS for any races that you are not present for.

The league race timeline is generally as follows.  Any changes will be posted to the forums in advance of the race.

PRACTICE 8:45 PM* - 9:15 PM EST (This is the latest that practice should start.  In most cases the server is up about 8:30 PM EST)

For any series in which there is one or more “heat” races, there will be no qualifying.  The field will be set by shotgun start (random). 

There will be a 5 minute period for a Drivers’ Meeting after practice ends and a brief warm up session to allow drivers to find their pit stalls, take a quick refreshment break, etc.


The first heat race will start as soon as the Drivers’ Meeting and five minute warm-up is over.  The second heat race (in the event a second heat race is scheduled) will start five minutes after the first ends, with the five minutes being set at open practice.  The main event qualifying will begin 5 minutes after the second heat race ends.

If the event for the night is one race (i.e. not a “heat” race format), the practice session will be immediately followed by the qualifying session at 9:15 PM EST, the driver’s meeting at 9:20 PM EST, and a five minute warm-up session thereafter, with the race beginning at 9:25 PM EST.  Again, all race parameters (series, track, number of laps, yellows on or off, weather, fixed or open setups, start times, etc.) will be posted on the forums well in advance of the race date.

Server operations can only be directed by the Race Directors.  The boss password can only be used on official League nights by these gentlemen.  Any misuse of the boss password can result in ejection from the race that night.  No server under any reason will be closed without league punishment and possible expulsion from the league.  Rainouts or server problems will be addressed if and when they arise.  Any race which is more that 50% complete will be counted as final if the server should crash.  If this is a heat race, please reconnect immediately so the league can decide whether to run any remaining heat/main races that night or postpone them.

Races will NOT be RESTARTED unless the following parameters come into play.

A.     We all get booted off a server.

B.      If after qualifying, a driver gets booted.  We may restart to allow a booted driver the opportunity to rejoin the race.  In such a case we will go to warmup and back to the Race once this driver rejoins.  This will only be done ONCE per race. The Race Director may call any exceptions.

C.     A red flag caused by a major wreck, which eliminates most of the field.  This will only happen VERY early in a race due to time constraints.

D.     The Internet is not always stable. If we are receiving poor connections, then we will vote whether to race or not.

E.      A stupid wreck in the first five laps – this will only happen ONCE and will only happen if the majority of racers vote to restart.  Be advised that if one driver consistently causes early yellows, that driver will be penalized.

F.      The Race Director will call any exceptions on whether or not to restart.

In the event that a race is restarted due to a wreck, the Race Director will determine fault and assess 1 spin to the offending driver.  If you have more that two spins in any heat race or the main event, you will park your car.  A spin which does not bring out a yellow or involve another car does not count as a spin.  We race on the honor system here.  If you cause a spin, claim it.  If you spin more than twice in a race, park it when you bring out the third yellow.  Again, don’t wait on a Race Director to tell you to park your car.  If you are unsure of who caused a wreck and it would be your third spin, you may continue to race if you so choose.  However, if a Race Director later determines that you caused the incident and assesses you a third spin (and you chose to keep racing), you will receive last place points for the event less 40 points, and if the race is still going, will be asked to park your car immediately.    

These Standard Operating Procedures are in place to prevent misunderstandings and confusion. We understand that all circumstances can't be covered but we must try to eliminate potential misunderstandings. The Directors and administration reserve the right to adjust the rules as necessary.

Flaming will not be tolerated at any time (PERIOD – DON’T DO IT!!!!).  We’re all friends here and there’s no cause for it.  The quickest way to kill a league and respect for each other is to create a flame war on the track or on the bulletin boards.  This flaming rule includes on-line and off-line, during a race and after.  “WTF” or any other aggressive chat during a race will be considered flaming and is grounds for ejection. We know that tempers flare, and understand that, but any formal protest needs to be handled through email with league administration.  The only chat after an incident should be an apology, anything after that is grounds for ejection.  League administration will review the race after its completion and assess any additional penalty points necessary at the discretion of the administrators.

4.  Chat rules:

Please avoid chat during green flag racing.  Use you auto command keys where appropriate to signal pitting, exiting pits, off pace, pass or passing high/low, etc.  Thanking someone for moving over to allow you to pass is allowable, but please us “TY”.  You may chat during yellow flags, but not on the lap before the race goes back to green.

5.  Practice:

Online Practice is limited and is not a time to see how hard you can dive into the turn. If you haven't done that in off-line practice, you don't belong in the race. It takes 2-3 laps to heat up your tires and another 2-3 to see what tweaks you need to make. Try to space out as best you can and be extremely cautious in practice.  Everyone is trying to test their setups, just like you are. 

Practice is a time to add final tweaks (if Open Setups) to your car, find a good racing line, and learn how the car reacts in certain situations like being out front, in the draft, side by side, etc.  Although practice is usually light hearted fun, please be courteous to those that are attempting to get practice in on the track.  Intentional wrecking of each other, sitting on the race surface, and other actions that would not normally be acceptable in the race, are NOT acceptable during practice.  If you are bored and waiting for qualifying or the race to begin, volunteer to help someone that appears to be struggling.  It will make the racing better and that driver will be less likely to lose control and possibly wreck you during the race.

6.  Qualifying (Where Required):

Pretty much self explanatory.  REMEMBER – NO CHATTING.  If you don’t want to qualify or you have been penalized with a “Start from the rear” penalty, use the following procedures:

1.  Enter the track as if you would qualify
2.  Cross the end of pit road
3.  Escape out and select Abort Qualifying Run

This will place you at the end of the field.  If multiple people do this, it will go according to who did it first.  In the heat race format, there will be no qualifying for the heat races, however you will be assigned a qualifying speed for the main event based on the results of the two heat races.  If you miss one of the two heat races or fail to qualify at your assigned speed, you will be penalized and forced to start from the rear of the field in the main event.

7.  Drivers’ Meeting:

The Drivers’ Meeting will take place prior to the first heat race or in the event of a single race event, after the qualifying session.  To keep things as short as possible we try to run a program that auto types the Drivers’ Meeting info for us.  THERE WILL BE NO CHATTING FROM ANYONE DURING THE DRIVERS’ MEETING EXCEPT FROM STS ADMINISTRATION UNLESS THE QUESTION “Anyone else?” COMES UP.  In addition, the Race Directors will be introduced at this time.  If you don’t know who they are, it is OK to ask at the end of the meeting.  After the Drivers’ Meeting there will be a five minute warm-up session so you can prepare for the race.  We suggest you:

Locate your pit. Is it at the end of pit road? Who are the cars pitting in front or behind you?

Grab a refreshment

Take a pee break!

In the event that someone loses connection during Warm-up, we will wait 5 minutes for them to reconnect.  If they choose to disconnect for whatever reason, we will NOT wait.

8.  Race:

All races will have a full pace lap and they yellows may be on or off depending on the series and race format  (check the forums or ask an administrator if you are unsure). Any damage to other cars during the pace lap will be dealt with in extreme measures.

Drivers that can not hold the low or high line should not be 2x2 racing. Use common sense.  If your car is pushing this should be a signal to pit and make adjustments (or in FIXED SETUP races, adjust your lift/braking points to change the way the car takes the corner) or go to the back and ride it out. Drivers that push out of lane in the corner or off the corner are at fault.

Drivers running low 2x2 that exit the corners in the middle of the track will be at fault if there is an incident. The outside line must deal with the wall, the middle is their exit point.

Drivers running the middle of the track are most likely at fault if there is a wreck. Please stay out of the middle of the track. Think about it, you’re in the middle the driver behind or in front of you has no clue as to where you are going into the next corner. Will you be high or low, telegraph your intentions by choosing a lane even if you not 2x2.

Low line drivers must enter the corners and tri-oval in lane 1 early enough for the outside line to come into lane 2 and make a good entry for the corner. That is proper etiquette.  Think about the driver along side you chooses to enter in lane 2, how are you supposed to know?

Drivers filling holes down low or on the outside must do so in a safe manner as not to cause a major check up. Never assume that a driver is going to let you in, you must be clear and faster in order for the hole to be filled successfully.

The passer must do everything within their power to ensure that the pass is made safely.  If there is an incident, the passer will be looked at first for being at fault, if it is determined that he/she did all they could to avoid the incident, then the passee will be looked at.  If the passee does not give the passer the room required for the pass then the passee shall be at fault.

Do not “pinch” other drivers either high or low.  “Pinch”ing is holding another car high or low and not giving them room for error or warp.

Damaged cars or cars with missing parts are entitled to race.  They must do so with league etiquette in mind. We suggest that if you already know you are not going to be able to hold onto the draft during a restart, drive thru pit road under yellow as often as possible to relegate yourself to the back.  Also, if you are well off the pace, consider dropping down out of the racing line as faster cars approach to avoid an incident. 

9.  Starts/Restarts:

A.     Your goal during pace laps and cautions should be to maintain a constant interval with the car in front of you and maintain pace speed.  Stagger the pace line with the car in front of and behind you until the final straightaway before a restart then tighten up.

B.      Remember NO PASSING TO THE LEFT BEFORE THE START / FINISH LINE.  All cars positioned as an ODD number should place themselves to the left or towards the bottom of the track, (i.e. if your in position 1, 3, 5 etc.) All cars positioned as an EVEN number should place themselves to the right or towards the top of the track, (i.e. if your in position 2, 4, 6 etc.) Continue to stagger positions throughout the entire field. Anyone causing damage during a pace lap or caution lap will be subject to probation. Maintain a constant speed. If the pace speed is 70, do 70. Not 80, 60, 90, 60.   

C.     Brake checking is not allowed. Brake checking is the act of tapping the brakes/or slowing your car just before a restart to force the cars behind you to also brake.

D.     There will be no hitting other cars during the caution.  If you can’t control your car under yellow, you definitely can not control it under green.  Hitting a vehicle under yellow constitutes 1 spin towards the 3 spin rule.  If you hit someone hard enough to cause damage under yellow, you will be asked to park your vehicle as this is completely unacceptable.

E.      NO Laying back to gain an advantage to pass someone.  Drivers caught doing this will receive a Black Flag penalty.  Drivers caught doing this and causing a wreck will be asked to leave the race.

F.      Jumping The Start – Jumping the start is defined as speeding up in anticipation of the green flag being displayed. The leader starts the field.  The leader must maintain pace speed until the green flag is shown.  Accelerating before the green flag is displayed will result in a penalty. Penalty – Black flag drive thru.

G.     There is a 3 spin rule in STS as noted earlier.  If you can not control your car and spin 3 times (without assistance), you are to park your car for the remainder of the race.  This also applies if you assist someone else in spinning whether it is caused by warp or unintentionally bumping someone.  We race as cleanly as possible here in STS, this rule helps maintain that.  If you do not abide by this rule, you are subject to suspension, probation and/or banning from the league in extreme/multiple cases.  This rule is usually self-imposed but you can be told to park your car.  Failing to park your car after you have been told will result in expulsion from the race and possible suspension from the league. 

H.     Warming of Tires – The game does not recognize that swerving back and forth as a method of putting heat into your tires so please don’t do it.

10.  Double File Restarts, and Yellow Flag Protocol:

STS races will be run using the double file restart option. There are a couple of things with the double file that everybody needs to be aware of though to insure that they work smoothly.

A.     Don't try to fall to the inside line until 1 to go. (As it is in NASCAR)

B.      Double file restarts allow those a lap down an opportunity to make up a lap. Overaggressive driving that leads to taking the leaders out or purposely driving them high up the track to make up a lap will not be tolerated & will result fines and points reductions.

C.     Racing back to the yellow.  We follow NASCAR’s Lucky Dog rule.  Do not race back to the yellow UNLESS THERE ARE LESS THAN 10 LAPS TO GO WHEN YOU CROSS THE LINE TO TAKE THE YELLOW.  Hold your position until well past the start finish and slowly decelerate.  DO NOT hit the brakes at the start/finish.  You can coast past the pace car, and any other car as long as you don’t cross the start/finish line once the yellow has been displayed. Park it on the apron if need be to let the field catch up to you.  If you slow suddenly when the yellow appears, we will ASSUME that you have problems and will pass you for the position.  We are only slowing enough to maintain position and stop “actively” racing.

You may not be in the same position (in respect to other cars) if you (or they) have to avoid an incident.  Example:  2 cars crash and have slid up near the outside wall on the exit of a turn that is difficult to see past when the yellow comes out.  You are on the outside and in front of another car, and choose the high line.  You see the cars ahead but need to slow significantly to pass safely but the other car takes the low line and gets around faster (yet still safely).  The second car should allow you to pass IF IT CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED SAFELY.  The second car is under no obligation to allow you to pass though.

In order to receive your free lap you must do the following:

1.      A Race Director will call out your car number. 

2.      You will be instructed that you have received the free pass.  On the 3rd caution lap, you must drive through pit road in order to get yourself at the end of the field.  YOU MUST BE THE LAST CAR OF THE LONGEST LINE.

3.      With the 1 to go signal, you may not pull to the inside line.

4.      When the green flag is displayed, we will then award you 1 lap.

Denial of a free lap: Due to some circumstances we will not award a Lucky Dog free pass.

1.      If you spin yourself to bring out the caution,

2.      If you are the instigator of a crash which results in a caution,

3.      If you are part of the crash (this is in NASCAR too)

4.      Failure to be at the end of the longest line (i.e. you ignore the Race Director’s request for you to pit)

5.      10 laps or less remaining in a race (NASCAR has the same rule)

Cars with damage that wish to allow the racers behind them to pass on a restart should chat "Pass me high" and restart at the lowest line possible. NR2003 will not issue a BF if a racer passes high. League type racers should always yield if damaged or have a missing gear.  Drivers of off pace cars should pass through the pits on 1 to go to ensure that they are behind the faster cars and are not an impediment.

With 10 laps to go, we always go to single file restarts.

If there is a yellow with ten or less to go, All lapped cars and damaged/off-pace cars must pit once to insure a single file start. (The game simply doesn’t recognize the ten to go signal)   Penalty - one lap deducted from your overall finish if you fail to adhere to this rule. 

11.  Pitting:

a.      Under Green – When pitting under a green flag, you are required to use your Autochat keys to alert the rest of the field of your intentions to pit.  A correct entry to the Autochat key would be “Car #3 is Pitting, Please pass me high”.

b.      Under Yellow – When pitting under yellow we do not require you to use your autochat keys, however, you are required to catch up to the rest of the field in a timely manner and maintain pace speed when entering pit road.  This will alleviate Black Flags from happening when passing a car coming onto pit road.  The standard .2-.5 second interval is required when you come around the first time pits are open.  This will also allow pit strategy to come into play late in the race.

12.  Rough Driving:

A.     Simply put, it is not tolerated.

B.      Any driver caught cheating will be removed from the league.

C.     Any driver caught retaliating for a wreck, will be put on probation and issued a 200-point deduction in points. A further violation will result in suspension.  These are measures to insure safe and fair racing on the track

The penalty will be a Black Flag thrown by the Race Director.   

13.  General Rule:  Aside from any rules listed, any actions detrimental to the league will be cause for termination.  A simple majority vote by the league Administrators is all that is needed to remove a driver from the league.  Please remember that racing here is a privilege, not a right.  A driver can be dismissed from the league with or without cause at any time. 

14.  Protests:  (Verbiage Removed – We’re all here to race for fun.  If you have an issue, please discuss it privately with the Race Directors and we will address it to the best of our ability).

15. Rulings:

All Administrator/Director rulings during and after a race are final.

Possible assigned penalties will be black flag (current race or next points race), probation, point reductions and finally suspension.

If a Race Director is involved in the incident, then other League officials will be used as necessary.

Once an action has been decided on, it is final.  There is no appeal process.

16. Probation:

While we don’t like to do it, we will use probation if a driver consistently causes accidents or ignores league rules.  When you're on probation, you should endeavor to be the cleanest driver on the track.  ANY violations during probation will result in a minimum one race suspension.

17. Suspension:

In the event that a driver continues to cause issues after being placed on probation, league administation’s next course of action will be to issue a suspension of at least two races to that driver. When he is on suspension, that driver should take the time to reflect on why they are on suspension and what they can do different when their suspension is over.

While on suspension, they will be asked to assist with admining two week’s worth of races before they will be reinstated as an active driver.  If they are reinstated from a suspension, they will still be on probation for two more weeks.  While on suspension, they may continue to practice with the league before each race, but may not participate as a driver.

18. League banning:

No one likes a menace.  Again, this league is designed to promote parity among the drivers (i.e. anyone can win on any given night), good clean racing and be a fun sim-racing evening for all involved.  Show up, drive by the rules, earn respect, respect your fellow drivers and you will never have an issue.  You might make some really good friends in the process.   Please don’t do anything that would get you banned.  We don’t want to see it happen.

19.  Points:

Generally speaking, each race within a particular series will be scored under the same points format.  Some series will use the Nextel Cup system, while other series (IROC for example), may use a different points system.  As such, the specific points system each race is run under, as well as any special rules for that series, will be posted in the forum related to that series.     

20.  STS Provisional:

What are provisionals and why do they exist? Provisionals are designed for the rare occasions when "real life" events such as vacations, family obligations, work conflicts etc. cause a driver to miss an STS event. Provisional points are awarded to help keep drivers who have to miss a race every now and then in the points battle as much as possible.

How does it work? Each driver just has to ask for a provisional, before the race or when he knows he will be gone.

What about getting booted? If you show up to race, but get booted before qualifying or the race, for example, you will be scored as a DNS and awarded the last place points for the event. This does not count as a provisional. Provisional only apply when you are not able to attend the race at all.

How does a driver use a provisional? A provisional is not automatic. The best way is to post a message in the forums requesting a provisional for a specific race.  A driver can also request a provisional by sending an email to one of the STS Administrators.  The provisional request must be submitted prior to the start of the race or races in question.  Provisionals can be requested at any time before an event.

How many points will I get for a provisional? Provisional points for each specific series will be posted in the forum related to that series.

Non-Notification of provisional?   If a driver does not request a provisional then that driver will receive no credit for that race.  It only takes a few moments to send an email.

We know that valid life problems and technical difficulties may preclude a driver from asking for a prior race provisional. Such situations must be presented to the League Commissioner for consideration based upon the facts. Reversal of the 'Non Notification' clause will not be overruled for questionable or unverifiable reasons or excuses.

21.  Substitute Drivers:

Can I have someone else drive for me at a race?  Yes, but there are rules.

1.      Substitute Driver will be from within STS.

2.      The only exception to Rule 21-1 is if the driver is well known to STS Administration from other leagues or has raced with them before (and no, you can’t use Richard Towler!)  If a driver from outside STS is going to be used, they MUST be approved by the STS Administration before the race.  At no time should you give the server password to anyone without the express permission of the STS Administration.  PENALTY: Release of the server password without consent of the STS administration is expulsion from the league.

For more information or questions please post your question in the forums or email any of the league admins.

From the Desk of the STS Racing League Administrators:

Ron Gettler

Mike Puckett

Chris Holland







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